Tuesday, December 7, 2010

. L O V E .

fall in LOVE is the least productive thing in the world .

WHY ??

agree with me , LOVE doesn't feed you , nor doesn't it bring any money to you . 
definitely , u will never be a billionaire even you've fallen in LOVE for trillion times . 


LOVE will causes u have lack time to sleep & sleeplessness causes loss of energy = productivity ;
you will acting silly all day + night ;
mistaken for being a mental patient ;p definitely ;
go through painful , jealous & heart broken ~ maybe c:


but then , i realized something when i fall in LOVE with somebody ~ wink wink ;p

there's million of reasons for doing it ...

1st : you realize giving brings more happiness than receiving
2nd : instead of bad things happens , you get to see the good side first , rite ?
3rd : u can be a child without time machine or any drugs 
4th : you'll soon realize how beautiful the sky , stars , moon , sun , rainbow , flowers
5th : you'll know & understand , the meaning of LOVE c:

single , then double . you must owned a stand in this world 

whos heart loads with <3

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